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Dr. Robert Alexander: Understanding Nanofat Versus Enzymatic Isolation of tSVF Cells from Adipose Ti

Do you know The difference between the term "tSVF" and "cSVF"? How to produce cellular isolates without use of digestive enzymes under regulatory environment in the United States? How to add PRP to Emulsified AD-tSVF to incorporate concentrates of platelets and promote better site healing? Read Dr. Robert Alexander's latest peer review on Understanding Nanofat Versus Enzymatic Isolation of tSVF Cells from Adipose Tissue and find out how Nanofat injections can greatly help your patients in anti-aging, hair regeneration, radiation/sun damage skin, chronic wounds and abnormal scarring. Enhance your theoretical and clinical knowledge on Regenerative Aesthetics in World's 1st side-by-side trainin

Are your local patients slipping away? - South Korea Medical Tourism Market Insights

South Korea Medical Tourism Market is likely to reach nearly USD 2 Billion by the year end of 2022 growing at a CAGR of around 15% from 2017 to 2020. Market growth can be attributed to factors such as technologically advanced treatments and medical procedures, pioneer in plastic/cosmetic surgery and dentistry, excellent medical practitioners & medical facilities, affordable medical costs and strong government support and initiatives. Chinese medical tourists play a significant role in contributing revenue to the South Korea economy. China contributed more than 35% share in 2016. China is likely to maintain dominance in South Korea Medical Tourism revenue share by the year end of 2022. United

5 Popular Options for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

One of the more common cosmetic surgery treatments among medical tourists is the good ol’ nose job (rhinoplasty), and while reshaped sniffers leave patients feeling great, the procedure can also leave them in a bit of discomfort. Procedures known as “non-surgical” nose jobs – which use subcutaneous injections of soft-tissue “fillers” to make subtle changes and correct slight defects of the nose – have become popular alternatives to traditional surgical nose jobs which require incisions and suturing. The technique is non-invasive, and even though the results of using dermal fillers are usually temporary due to the body’s absorption of the injected material, modern cosmetic/plastic surgery cen

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