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The Rainbow Scale: A Simple, Validated Online Method to Score the Outcome of Aesthetic Treatments

Photographs have become an important integral part of documentation in an aesthetic surgery practice, both for medico-legal as well as scientific purposes. Only by evaluating pre- and postoperative photographic documentation arewe able to evaluate our success and treatment outcomes in an objective way. Several photographic scales have already been developed for this purpose. However, an easy online system to evaluate aesthetic outcomes in a validated, fast, reliable, and standardized way is still lacking. In this week's news letter, IFAAS Faculty Jeroen Stevens shares what he call the "Rainbow Scale" method based on the Merz Scale (Merz Pharmaceuticlas GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany), an online sy

The 4 Most Trending Korean Non-Surgical Face Lifting Procedures in 2017: Terminology & Advantage

This week, let's explore what the 2017's latest Korean Non-surgical Face lifting procedures are out there and what benefits do they bring for your patients! Ultra PCL Definition: A non-surgical face lifting technique using absorbable polycaprolactone threads, which last for 2 years and then decompose inside of the skin tissue with instant lifting results Advantages: - Deliver instant lifting results, best for lower face lifting and jowl line correction - Not only lifting but also creating facial volumizing effect - Polycaprolactone material have long lasting results, minimum 2 years Procedure Time: 30-60 mins, depends on the number of treatment areas and thread numbers required, touch-up is

The Fractionation of Adipose Tissue Procedure to Obtain Stromal Vascular Fractions for Regenerative

Autologous adipose tissue transplantation is clinically used to reduce dermal scarring and to restore volume loss. The therapeutic benefit on tissue damage more likely depends on the stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue than on the adipocyte fraction. This stromal vascular fraction can be obtained by dissociation of adipose tissue, either enzymatically or mechanical. Enzymatic dissociation procedures are time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, we developed a new inexpensive mechanical dissociation procedure to obtain the stromal vascular fraction from adipose tissue in a time sparing way, which is directly available for therapeutic injection. This mechanical dissociation procedure is

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