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<Video> Introducing the latest innovation in Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation: HIKO PCL Nose Thr

What is HIKO PCL? A nose shaping and sharpening technique using absorbable polycaprolactone threads, which last for 2 years and then decompose inside of the skin tissue, builds great foundation for further Hyaluronic acid injection Unique advantages of HIKO PCL Nose Threadlifting? 1. The only non-surgical nose augmentation technique that effectively targets nose tip lifting and ala narrowing 2. Polycaprolactone material create results last for minimum 2 years 3. Won't spread out and create "Avatar" nose compares to using Filler for Nose Augmentation 4. Requires no extra moulding after inserting into the nose, minimum downtime 5. 15 mins procedure often being charged 2,000 USD+ in Sou

<Video> Dr Steven Cohen: Introducing FatPress, the latest innovation in Fat Cleaning

Can you imagine that the process of Fat Cleaning can be as easy as 1. Rinse 2. Press 3. Done! The co-inventor Dr Steven Cohen demonstrates the latest innovation in Fat Washing, using the FatPress System, it's simple, easy and safe. How beautiful is that? Watch Dr Steven Cohen using the Fat Washing Device as following: Be the first practitioner in your region to learn this new, quick and simple method for cleaning adipose tissue and register for: Enhance your theoretical and clinical knowledge on Regenerative Aesthetics in the World's 1st side-by-side training, with 3 of the global leading experts in microfat, nanofat and PRP for office-based facial regeneration and rejuvenation In this han

Platelet-Rich Plasma Influences Expansion and Paracrine Function of Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells in

Background: Lipofilling is a treatment modality to restore tissue volume. Both platelet-rich plasma and adipose-derived stromal cells have been reported to augment the efficacy of lipofilling, yet results are not conclusive. The authors hypothesized that the variation reported in literature is caused by a dosedependent influence of platelet-rich plasma on adipose-derived stromal cells. Methods: Whole blood (n = 3) was used to generate platelet-rich plasma, which was diluted with Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium to 15%, 5%, and 1.7%, with 15% platelet-poor plasma and 10% fetal calf serum as controls. Pooled adipose-derived stromal cells (n = 3) were cultured in these media. Gene expression wa

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