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Differences between Caucasian and Asian Attractive Faces

Introduction There are discrepancies between the public's current beauty desires, conventional theories and historical rules regarding facial beauty. This photogrammetric study aims to describe in detail mathematical differences in facial configuration between attractive Caucasian and attractive Asian faces. Methods To analyse the structural differences between attractive Caucasian and attractive Asian faces, frontal face and lateral face views for each race were morphed; facial landmarks were defined, and the relative photographic pixel distances and angles were measured. Absolute values were acquired by arithmetic conversion for comparison. Conclusion Beauty standards differ with race and

Anti-aging Treatment of the Facial Skin by Fat Graft and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

This week, IFAAS president Gino Rigotti, MD shares his research on Anti-aging Treatment of the Facial Skin by Fat Graft and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells that won him the Jacques W. Maliniac, MD Memorial Lecturer Award during the American Society of Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting in 2015. Background: The regenerative property of fat grafting has been described. However, it is not clear whether the clinical results are attributable to the stem cells or are linked to other components of the adipose tissue. This work is aimed at analysis of the histologic and ultrastructural changes of aged facial skin after injection of fat graft added in addition to its stromal vascular fraction, obtained by cen

<VIDEO> Famous athletes' knee injury recovered after treatment with PRS (Platelet Rich St

Countless of individuals experience sport injuries every year, and they are still in search for a treatment that can fully eradicate their pain. Stem-cell therapy based on fat cells and blood platelet cells could be the answer to this. But what are the main challenges current methods face? 1) Potential usage of stem cell therapy requires cultural process ► cultured cells are 10 times larger than non-cultured cells, making them difficult to get through the lungs or blood brain barrier. Not permitted by most of the national ethical boards. 2) Adipose Stem Cells contain large number of stem cells but are hard to clean and separate ► added enzymes & chemicals equal to higher risks 3) Blood- PRP


Every woman prefers to have that lean, elegant shoulder line, especially when wearing a strapless dress for huge events; e.g weddings. Unfortunately, a lot of women are suffering from overdeveloped trapezius muscles which make their neckline look more masculine than desired. Trapezius muscles are muscles that supports the shoulders and arms, running vertically from the back of the neck down the spine, as well as extending horizontally across the shoulders. Trapezius muscles are heavily used as they assist in raising and rotating the shoulders. Under hypertrophy conditions, it often creates an effect of a much shorter neck and masculine shoulder line. Did you know that lean and feminine shoul

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