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<Insights> Non-Surgical Eye bag Removal by Dr Han-Jin Kwon - Part 1: Radio Frequency (RF) Cann

In a recent interview with Elle Singapore: Dr Shiau Ee Leng, the chairwoman of the International Aesthetic Medical Advisory Board shared that the non-surgical eye-bag removal via Radio Frequency (RF) Cannula is an effective, safe procedure and a great alternative to the surgical eye-bag removal. Patients of all age groups are troubled by their eye-bags but not all are prepared to take the risks of surgery. There are alternatives to surgical eye-bag removal such as non-surgical eye-bag removal through the use of fillers and botox (used to temporarily reduce the visibility of protruding fat under the eyes). Over the past few years, improvements in medical technology has led to a new technique

2014-2017: The Journey with IFAAS

Hope you guys are enjoying your holiday season spending time with your family and friends! In this joyful season, we are going to give our members a rundown of how far IFAAS has come since its conception in 2014. Every year, IFAAS hosts at least 20 master classes/mini fellowship programs across 4 continents and trained more than 1,000 graduates since 2014! We have more than 20 Top Faculty members in our ranks and it grows every year - experts which we hope you had a chance of meeting. With more than 60,000 global subscribers, we're dedicated to give you the latest news and updates on medical advances and anything that can help your grow your practice. Our courses are aimed to equip the physi

<Insights> How can Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread (MINT) benefit your practice? - Part

In a recent study on Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) conducted in Brazil, Professor Samira Yarak from the Department of Dermatology in Brazil has confirmed that the Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) is a safe procedure and an alternative to the surgical face-lift for facial remodelling and rejuvenation. The Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) procedure uses absorbable barded threads that is capable of creating a lifting effect. According to Professor Yarak, the Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) has many benefits: Post-Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) procedure did not interfere with patients’

<Exclusive Video> Korean Advanced Non-Surgical Neck Lifting by Dr Doo Yeoul Chang

In a recent interview between Allure and board-certified plastic surgeons Dr Norman Rowe, Dr. Melissa Doft and Dr. Darren Smith from New York City, it has been confirmed that the Thread Lift could be a new and cheaper choice to delay the traditional face lift procedure. According to Dr Rowe, the Thread lifting uses threads which pulls the skin in order to re-suspend it into a lifted and more youthful position. With regards to the threads used, Dr Smith stated that new threads are dissolvable which therefore reduces the risk of infection - as compared to previous threads which were a permanent suture that could host bacteria. Unlike a traditional surgical face-lift, the thread lift doesn't i

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