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Providing A Well Rounded Eye Rejuvenation Treatment Plan

The first form of communication between people are usually through the visual eye contact with once another. Thus, eye rejuvenation has become one of the most sought after aesthetic procedure according to British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) in 2016 in the United Kingdom. In this week's newsletter we are going to explain some of the proper techniques and recommendations for aesthetic practitioner in producing the best quality of eye rejuvenation for their patient. Common Eye Problems of Patients The anatomy and physiology of the ageing upper face is well known and documented for many years. In the lower eye area, the tear trough depression due to a genetic predisposition

Key in Highlighting the Difference Between Male & Female Facial Rejuvenation

In Aesthetic Rejuvenation procedures, it is important for doctors to make precise judgement on the type and kind of procedures to do based on each patient's facial features. Hence, this is especially crucial for doctors to comprehend the clear distinction in sexual dimorphism, since the facial structures of males and females differs are less obvious. There has been a noticeable increasing trend in males seeking for non-surgical procedures to enhance their features and to seek for a more youthful appearance. Therefore, in this week's newsletter we are comparing on 2 prominent features between males and females mainly the Forehead and Nose region. This would help increase the accuracy of curre

The Application of Absorbable Octo Twist Threads for the Filling of Deep Frown Lines

Following up with last week's post on Application of RF Cannula for the Dissection of Deep Forehead Frown Lines, this week, we would be updating you on the application of PDO absorbable threads on the filling of deep frown Lines post RF cannula dissection. The absorbable PDO threads are made from polydioxanone, a natural collagen stimulating compound found in the human body. It cost a quarter the price of the conventional synthetic wrinkle fillers and has lower risk adverse such as bruising and migration reactions that many patients faced. In addition, these threads stimulate collagen production in the desired area to give a long lasting effect of up to 2 years. Watch exclusive video as Dr

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