March 26, 2020

Aging of face is an unavoidable process. While there are multiple traditional procedures for facial rejuvenation, thread lift has become an increasingly popular procedure all over the world. At present, one of the most promising dissolvable thread lift uses polydioxano...

March 19, 2020

Naturally, brows should lie just above the upper edge of the orbit. Although all brows are different in shapes and sizes, the outer portion of the brow is generally higher than the inner portion.

Ageing, decreased skin laxity, effects of gravity and repetitive periorbit...

March 13, 2020

Injectable fillers has become one of the most requested minimally invasive treatment options from patients to re-volumize their aging face. However, the use of Bovine collagen was limited both by its short duration of effect and its potential for allergic reaction. Wit...

March 10, 2020

The process of aging affects the contour, texture, and colour of the face. Facial shape is mostly transformed by uneven descent and laxity of skin and soft tissues. Texture is primarily dependent on fine wrinkles and pores of the skin.

As of late, there has been an incr...

March 3, 2020

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are used to accelerate  the healing of injured muscles, joints, tendons and other sports injuries. However, PRP injections have become an increasing trend for cosmetic procedures, particularly in the treatment of hair loss called A...

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