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Dr. Robert Alexander: Understanding Nanofat Versus Enzymatic Isolation of tSVF Cells from Adipose Ti

Do you know

  • The difference between the term "tSVF" and "cSVF"?

  • How to produce cellular isolates without use of digestive enzymes under regulatory environment in the United States?

  • How to add PRP to Emulsified AD-tSVF to incorporate concentrates of platelets and promote better site healing?

Read Dr. Robert Alexander's latest peer review on Understanding Nanofat Versus Enzymatic Isolation of tSVF Cells from Adipose Tissue and find out how Nanofat injections can greatly help your patients in anti-aging, hair regeneration, radiation/sun damage skin, chronic wounds and abnormal scarring.

Enhance your theoretical and clinical knowledge on Regenerative Aesthetics in World's 1st side-by-side training, with 3 of the global leading experts in microfat, nanofat and PRP for office-based facial regeneration and rejuvenation In this hands-on cadaver master class a limited number of attendees will learn:

  • The science of nanofat and the regulatory aspects of nanofat

  • Office based applications of nanofat with and without PRP

  • How and when to combine nanofat with microfat, fillers and PRP for total facial regeneration

  • Use of nanofat in combination with other treatments such as laser resurfacing and micro needling

  • Hands-on cadaver workshop teaching office-based harvesting, processing and injection techniques

  • Marketing regenerative aesthetics to your staff and your community

  • Intimate dinner with the faculty (optional)

Attendance is limited, so Register Now.

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