3 Things You Need to Know About Non-surgical Nose Thread Lift

August 8, 2018

In the past, when patients talk about nose augmentation or "nose job", they usually refer to surgical rhinoplasty, thanks to medical tech breakthrough in recent years, patients can enjoy lunch time "nose augmentation" non-surgically. 


The most common non-surgical nose augmentation including nasal fillers & nose thread lifting.  The non-surgical Nose Nose Thread Lifting procedures are gaining more and more popularity all over the world. Particularly in Asia, some advanced aesthetic physicians are even claiming that "Nose Threadlift should be the only non-surgical nasal aesthetic procedure patient should consider." 


This week, IFAAS faculty will share their exclusive tips on non-surgical nose thread lift and share how to lower the complication rate by inserting the thread to the proper position. 


1. What is Nose Threadlift? 

Non-surgical nose thread lift uses absorbable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) that are 100% bio-compatible with the human body.

Many Asians have ill-defined noses which lacks height and projection. Non-surgical nose thread lift treatment addresses this problem. PDO threads are inserted horizontally into the nose bridge and vertically into the nose tip. The threads act as a scaffolding structure which helps to contour and shape the nose to the desired state.



2. Why Nose Threadlift?

  • Nose Threadlift has no risks causing blindness & skin necrosis compared to nose fillers 

  • Nose Threadlift doesn't migrate like nasal filler and can produce a result just like that of nasal implants ( when many threads are stacked together until its as thick as an implant) 

  • Some Nose Threadlift (made of PCL materials) can last up to 2 years 


3. How to insert Nose Threadlift into the proper position to minimise complication rate? 

IFAAS faculty shares exclusive technique in the below video to explain how and why: 


 P.S. Sound on to listen to faculty's verbal instruction (the actual insertion was done prior with antiseptic gloves on)


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