Non-Surgical The New Surgical: Top 3 Cosmetic Medicine Trends of 2019 by Dr. Naomi McCullum, The Manse Clinic

November 20, 2018

As the demand for better and more advanced techniques to be used continues to grow in the fields of aesthetics and cosmetic medicine, so does the importance of being equipped with the latest and most advanced skills. At IFAAS, this is exactly what we aim to deliver - to provide physicians worldwide with the best-in-practise hands-on training conducted by some of the most highly respected faculties from around the globe.


This week, we bring you an exclusive interview with the founder of one of the fore-leading cosmetic clinics in Australia: The Manse. 


With most of The Manse's physicians (5 out of 7) having trained with our IFAAS faculties at our Hands-On Master Class training programs conducted worldwide, the success of The Manse is indeed a testament to our commitment and effectiveness of our exclusive IFAAS techniques.



Let's hear it from the legendary The Manse founder, Dr. Naomi McCullum, as she shares:


1. The Top 3 Cosmetic Trends in 2019

2. How The Manse's Physicians Implement Techniques Learned from IFAAS Courses into Their Practice 

3. 2019 Training Focus for The Manse Physicians




Founded in 2016 by the esteemed Dr. Naomi McCullum, The Manse has since seen its team of physicians grow from 1 to 7 in a short span of 2 years, with each and every doctor in the house being one of the finest in their respective fields; treatment sessions being fully-booked well in advance, and going to expand into 2nd clinic location in Sydney CBD. 



Hope you are inspired by Dr Naomi's interview as we are! We look forward to hosting you in one of our upcoming IFAAS trainings and can't wait to help you implement the most advanced aesthetic techniques in your own clinic soon!

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