Double Chin Correction Using PDO Super Tornado Threads - Exclusive Video

February 19, 2019

There are many effects that may indicate signs of ageing, and such effects are often considered undesirable, with many patients seeking cosmetic and aesthetic augmentation procedures to correct theses effects.


Submental Fat (Double Chin)


One of the most highly demanded requests by patients is the removal and reduction of unwanted submental fat (SMF) near the neck/chin area. 

Aesthetically, excess SMF causes a "double chin" effect in patients, and this can 

be unappealing, as it disrupts a patient's general beauty proportions. Yet, conventional methods of reduction such as liposuction are often invasive and requires extended period of time for recovery.


Effects of PDO Super Tornado Threads


When injected, Poludioxanone (PDO) threads aid in the lifting and tightening of skin tissues by inducing collagen production, simulate synthesis as well as tissue contraction under the skin; potentially reducing the effects of unwanted double chin.


Correcting Double Chin using Super Tornado Threads


With a good understanding of a patient's anatomic landmarks and use of right techniques, correcting a double-chin effect using PDO Super Tornado Threads can produce spectacular results that are comparable to plastic surgery treatments, yet less painful and invasive. 


This week, our IFAAS faculty shows how to correctly map the anatomic landmarks for Correcting Double Chin using Super Tornado Threads as well as demonstrates his exclusive techniques to produce a more proportionate and define neck-chin contour: 



Hope you have enjoyed the video and article! Stay tuned for our future posts about more techniques and information related to our advanced aesthetic and cosmetic training courses! 





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