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"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

                                                                                               -- Isaac Newton, 1676

International Fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Science was initiated in 2014 by Jacques W. Maliniac, MD Memorial Lecturer Award Winner Dr Gino Rigotti in Verona, Italy. It is dedicated to equip global physicians with the latest & most advanced skills in Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology. 


Designed to complement the theoretical aspect physicians gain from usual medical conferences & lectures, IFAAS programs specifically focus on the practical side of the continuing medical education. Through studying live patient cases from member-only Private Visiting Fellowship & Exclusive Certified Hands-On Master Courses, IFAAS ensures physicians walk away with the proficient skill set and be able to bring the new techniques back to their own practices post the training. 


Join IFAAS fellowships led by the world's most highly respected instructors today, become the new leaders in medicine tomorrow.

IFAAS Faculty Board 

IFAAS Global Event Calendar 


Join IFAAS member to attend private short-term aesthetic fellowship program, visiting global leaders in their own operation rooms & clinics for upgraded training experience. 


IFAAS Member Benefits: 


  • Membership Certificate ( Upon 2nd Year Renewal ) with the signature of IFAAS Honorary President, Dr Gino Rigotti (Italy)

  • Enrolment of IFAAS credit system: collection of 5% credit rebate for all paid IFAAS course registration, credits can be utilised offsetting future IFAAS event payments

  • Privileged invitation/access to the IFAAS Members Only Visiting Fellowship Program, train with global top mentors in their own clinics and operation rooms on the latest & most advanced skills in aesthetic science 

  • Exclusive invitation to the IFAAS Members Updating & Networking events featuring IFAAS faculty talks on the latest industry standards, connecting with your fellow IFAAS members in your nearby countries 

  • Free access to IFAAS online Mini MBA courses, improving operational and marketing skill to better manage your practice, attracting larger patients base 

  • Eligibility for IFAAS grants & scholarship applications

  • Private product preview, lucky draw & discount to the most advanced medical supply lines with IFAAS industry partners

  • Latest industry news and updates via weekly IFAAS e-Newsletter featuring the most innovative developments in aesthetic science field 


Submit Your IFAAS Membership Application Form Online Here: 

IFAAS Members


If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs, membership or curriculum, please get in touch.

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