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IFAAS Mini Fellowship (Observational)

Asian Blepharoplasty with Japanese Aesthetics:


Dec 14-15, 2024


Ha Lim BAEK, M.D., Japan


Tokyo, Japan



2,200 USD 

*IFAAS Members collect 5% Credit Rebate to be utilized for all future IFAAS events


The program is open to medical doctors only. In compliance with the local laws and regulations, prior to the clinic visits, attendees are required to submit CV and copy of Medical License post registration



All IFAAS training programs are conducted in English 



With limited OR size, the program has a maximum capacity of 12 delegates. 


IFAAS Certificate will be issued upon completion of the Fellowship


Learning Objectives: 

Aesthetic surgery of the upper eyelids is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in Oriental countries. There is also an increasing number of Oriental patients seeking aesthetic eyelid surgery in North America and other Western countries. This mini fellowship will happen in our faculty's clinic and OR and will teach you:


  • Clinical Assessment of the Periorbital Region in Caucasian and Asian Patients 

  • Understand the Differences between Sutures Method and Incisional Method: Patient Selection 

  • Step-by-Step Technique of Non-incision & Incisional Upper Eyelid Surgeries: Double Eyelid Crease Creation, Ptosis Correction, Transblepharoplasty Corrugator Resection, Medial Epicanthoplasty, Lateral Canthoplasty & Ancillary Procedures 

  • Step-by-Step Technique of Blepharoplasty of Lower Eyelid, Canthopexy, Canthoplasty & Ancillary 

  • Complication Management & Combination Therapies



Day 1: Saturday Dec 14, 2024



09:30 - 10:00 Registration  


10:00 - 11:00  Lecture on Advanced Upper Blepharoplasty: background and techniques 

  • Anatomy of Upper Blepharoplasty 

  • Clinical Assessment of the Upper Eyelid

  • Non-Incisional and Incisional Ptosis Correction

  • Non-Incisional and Incisional Double Eyelid Creation

  • Medial Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty


11:00   Observation in the OR for Advanced Upper Blepharoplasty Surgeries



Day 2: Sunday Dec 15, 2024



09:30 - 10:00 Registration  


10:00 - 11:00  Lecture on Advanced Lower Blepharoplasty: background and techniques 

  • Anatomy of Lower Blepharoplasty 

  • Clinical Assessment of the Lower Eyelid

  • Transconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty 

  • Transcutaneous Lower Blepharoplasty 

  • Canthopexy and Canthoplasty

11:00   Observation in the OR for Advanced Lower Blepharoplasty Surgeries








Dr. Ha lim Baek

Ha-Lim Baek, M.D., Japan & South Korea

Dr. Halim Baek is a renowned plastic surgeon, celebrated for his innovative "Skin Redraping Method" in blepharoplasty. As the Chief Director of BB Clinic Omotesando, he has demonstrated exceptional expertise in the field. Dr. Baek graduated from Donga University Medical School in 2012 and has undergone extensive training in both South Korea and Japan. He completed his residency in plastic surgery at Busan University Medical Hospital and further advanced his skills at Sapporo University Hospital and Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital. With international experience as an assistant professor at the Texas Medical Center, he is currently a fellow at Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital and a practicing plastic surgeon at BongBong Plastic Surgery Gangnam. Dr. Baek's contributions to aesthetic plastic surgery are widely recognized.

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