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IFAAS Mini-Fellowship (Observation)

Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration & ABC Face Lift



Oct 20-21, 2022



Steve Cohen, M.D., United States 


San Diego, CA, United States 


3,500 USD 


*IFAAS Members collect 5% Credit Rebate to be utilized for all future IFAAS events



(Maximum 12 Attendees) -

IFAAS Certificate will be issued upon completion of the Fellowship

Special Entry Requirement during COVID

- Please kindly send us your COVID vaccination card post-registration. 

-Rapid test will be conducted upon your arrival at Dr. Cohen's clinic on June 10th morning

(the cost of the rapid test is not included in the registration fee) 

- Dr. Cohen's clinic has the right to reject your entry should your test result shown to be positive