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Liposuction and Fat Grafting: Preventing & Managing The 8 Most Common Possible Complications

Annually, the average number of liposuction and fat grafting related procedures performed in the United States alone is more than 300,000. As it becomes increasingly popular in the aesthetic arena over the last couple of years, it is imperative for physicians to understand the causes, preventative measures, and management of the different possible complications of liposuction and fat grafting. Image credit: Liposuction Liposuction is a surgical intervention designed to treat superficial and deep deposits of subcutaneous fat distributed in aesthetically unpleasing proportions. Over the years, it has proven to be a successful method of improving body contour, and

Treatment of Nasal Ageing and Possible Long-term Nasal Enhancement with Fat Using Injectable Tissue

Minimally invasive rhinoplasty procedures have had increased public acceptance/desire for augmentation of the nose. Recent studies have demonstrated the use of fat grafting for nasal augmentation with good rates of satisfaction in the majority of patients. Different anatomical zones such as the nasal sidewall and dorsum may be sculpted via injections. Postrhinoplasty asymmetries, contour irregularities, and saddle nose deformities may also be treated using fat grafts in patients reluctant to undergo further surgical revision. Facial & Nasal Ageing As we age, the entire soft tissue envelope around the nasal area slides down the nasal bones while the tip plunges, and the upper lip lengthens. S

8 Possible Complications of Thread Lift and How to Manage Them

In recent years, thread lift procedures have steadily gained popularity amongst practitioners and patients alike - becoming one of the most highly sought-after non-surgical procedures due to it being low risk and minimally-invasive. However, as with any aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, low risk does not mean no risk. Advantage of Thread Lift It is common knowledge that thread lift has gained significant prominence in the medical field since its introduction due its superior lifting effects as well as its ability to boost and stimulate collagen synthesis and production while the threads gradually dissolve under the skin over time. From little to no down time, immediate and more natural resu

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