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Filler Injection for Sunken Upper Eyelids: The 5 Takeaways

The hollow or sunken upper eyelid can be unattractive and an aging sign on the face. Genetics, aging, illness, and overly aggressive surgical fat resection can all contribute to a skeletonized, bony appearance of the medial third to half of the superior orbital rim as it blends into the nasal bridge. Restoring the look of lost soft tissue fullness in this area can greatly improve the youthful aesthetic of a hollow orbit. 1) Anatomic Considerations The upper lid skin is usually quite thin in most individuals; there are sensory nerves of the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerve branches, as well as vascular bundles to avoid during the injection of this area. This is an area that requires adva

Breast Lifting with Absorbable PDO Threads

Female breast ptosis is a consequence of aging. Polydioxanone thread lift (PDOT) for breast ptosis offers an alternative to those not desirous of surgery and can also be used as an add-on treatment after surgery for finer correction. This week, we review article on Absorbable Thread Lift in Breast Ptosis. Background An ideal esthetic nipple lies between 5 and 7cm above the inferior mammary crease in a non-augmented breast. Progressive resting of the gland against the rib cage reflects ptosis. History of significant (50 lbs.) weight loss, higher body mass index (BMI), larger bra cup size, number of pregnancies, and smoking have been described as the significant risk factors for breast ptosis

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