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Jawlines Tightening and Defining using Super Embossed Threads - [An Exclusive Video]

Our facial bone structure influences how others perceive us - more specifically, our physical aesthetics. One of the most prominent features of facial aesthetics is the jawline. The jawline plays a crucial role in balancing facial proportions, facial profile, and defining the lower face. With age, and under the influence of gravity, soft tissues, especially of the face, gradually shift downwards causing the skin to lose its elasticity. One of the first signs of ageing is the omission of tissues and deterioration of lower face causing a less defined jawline. Gender Differences: Male vs Female It is almost impossible to specifically suggest an ideal face, be it in measurements or shape; simply

Nerve Block: Local Anaesthesia for Facial Fat Grafting - [Exclusive Video]

Regional blocking techniques have proved to be invaluable in anaesthesia and as with any procedure, regardless surgical or non-surgical, a good understanding of anatomy is imperative. The advent of facial surgery and more complicated aesthetic facial procedures has increased the demand for anaesthesia support; therefore, a practitioner should always be equipped with a fail-safe method, and be aware of the effectiveness and shortcomings of all the various modalities available in his/her “tool box”. Local Anaesthesia: Nerve Blocking The use of local anaesthetics can enable a proliferation of procedures to be performed in office setting with the patient awake. Not only do local anaesthetics min

Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation: Restoring Volume in Tear Trough using Fillers - [Exclusive Video]

Facial beauty, specifically of the periorbital complex, is one the most important component of physical attractiveness, non-verbal communication, as well as a reflective of chronological age. Conventionally, rejuvenation of the eye area meant the need for invasive surgical treatments, but in recent years, minimally and non-invasive procedures have increasingly become the first-line treatment option; although the need for surgical intervention may be necessary for advanced cases. In general, non-surgical procedures include, but not limited to, the use of botulinum toxin, dermal filler injections, laser and chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion and intense pulsed light phot

Lower Third Facial Contouring: Male vs Female - Understanding the Differences

The perception of beauty and aesthetics are not only shaped by external factors such as trends, press and social media, but also by personal experiences and expectations. Over the years, one of the areas most commonly performed in aesthetics is the face; of which, the lower third has become increasingly popular, both in men and women. When planning treatment, it is important for a practitioner to understand that gender differences with regards to the anatomy, histology of hard and soft tissues and surface contours must be considered. In addition, a performing physician should also have a sound understanding that these factors would also evolve through the distinctive male and female ageing p

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