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Jawlines Tightening and Defining using Super Embossed Threads - [An Exclusive Video]

Our facial bone structure influences how others perceive us - more specifically, our physical aesthetics. One of the most prominent features of facial aesthetics is the jawline. The jawline plays a crucial role in balancing facial proportions, facial profile, and defining the lower face. With age, and under the influence of gravity, soft tissues, especially of the face, gradually shift downwards causing the skin to lose its elasticity. One of the first signs of ageing is the omission of tissues and deterioration of lower face causing a less defined jawline.

Gender Differences: Male vs Female

It is almost impossible to specifically suggest an ideal face, be it in measurements or shape; simply because each and every face is unique. This cannot be more true when comparing male and female faces. However, in general, there are features of the face that can make a male portrait look more masculine or a female portrait look more feminine.

1. Face Shape

Jawlines: Understanding Gender Differences, Facial Ageing and Defining Jawlines using Super Embossed Threads

Generally, men have longer and larger facial shapes than women, and often than not some square aspects to it. On the other hand, females faces have a more oval aspect to them, with rounded curves that can help soften features - as are the cheeks and the neck line. In addition, men have a more angular and defined jawline, while women generally have a softer curve and a more refined jawline as compared to men.

2. Bone Structure

Least Painful and Preferred Method for Future Treatment During Filler Injection

In terms of bone structure, the horizontal bone ridge that runs across the forehead just above the eyes, is more pronounced in men than women, with women having a more rounded and vertical brow bossing. Furthermore, females also tend to have fuller, rounder cheeks with higher cheekbones than men. General anatomy also suggests that men might sometimes have hollower cheeks than females because they tend to have less fat. In terms of jawbones, men also tend to have wider jawbones than women; and female jawlines usually form a soft curve that gently slopes towards the earlobe from the chin. Lastly, male jawlines are also known to be straighter from the ear downwards being more angular towards the chin than women - with the latter’s jawlines curving slightly to form a soft-V shape.

3. Skin

The skin is known as the largest organ of the human body and plays a significantly important role in defining the aesthetics of the face. In general, males have thicker skin than females, and it gradually becomes thinner with age while in females, skin thickness generally remains the same until about mid-40s. Additionally, men are also known to have larger pores than women, therefore producing more sebum, and therefore are more likely to suffer from breakouts, clogged pores, blackheads and seborrheic dermatitis. Lastly, men generally have higher collagen density than women, and because of this, it is more common for women to show premature age signs faster than men even though they may be of the same age.

Facial Ageing

As we age, the face undergoes a moderate melting of adipose (fat) tissue under the skin, and along with the collapse of the cheekbones, the appearance of jowls, nasolabial folds and marionette lines, fats gradually sag from their original location in the middle third of the face to the lower third of it, can cause the shape of the face to change.

In addition, other age-related changes in the facial skeleton, musculature, connective tissues and skin can cause a change in the laxity of soft tissues, which, in turn also lead to ptotic brows, jowl formation, nasolabial fold prominence and malar flattening. Furthermore, ageing causes progressive loss of definition of the jawline as bone is resorbed and remodelled.

Over the years, a variety of procedures are made available to rejuvenate the ageing face.

The most commonly used options in the non-surgical aesthetics clinic are botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and chemical peeling; but as non-surgical procedures become increasingly popular in recent years the demand for faster turnaround time also increases. Since it’s introduction, absorbable threads has become one of the most preferred non-surgical methods for facial rejuvenation.

Defining Jawlines using Super Embossed Threads

Thread lift has become one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures in the aesthetic and cosmetic field as the minimally-invasive procedure is able to subtly rejuvenate and re-shape the face to a large extent whilst delivering an almost immediately noticeable results for a more youthful appearance at an affordable cost, with minimal downtime, less risks and pain than most other procedures.

In the past, jawline correction is only possible through surgical means, but with the introduction of thread lift, a practitioner is able to able shape and contour the jawline without patients having undergo any surgical procedure. The use of threads offers itself as another potential tool to an aesthetic practitioner in providing an alternative and flexibility to meet patient expectations and satisfaction. What is equally important, however, is to select the correct patient before performing any procedure and be realistic about the potential outcomes as well as understand the possible complications.

In the same vein, jawline correction achieved with threads can be successful only if a practitioner has a good understanding of facial anatomy, patient selection, indication and most crucially, be equipped with the right tools and techniques. Until recently, there are but only a few design of threads including mono, screw, barbed and cog. However, this week, IFAAS faculty, Dr. Kwon demonstrates his exclusive techniques, skills and knowledge on using Super Embossed Threads to provide better Tightening and Lifting effects in Defining Jawlines:

Hope you have enjoyed the article & video! Stay tuned for our future posts about more techniques and information related to our advanced aesthetic and cosmetic training courses!



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