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Differences of Asian Rhinoplasty from Caucasian Rhinoplasty - An Extract from Rebuilding Nose: Rhino

In spite of unavailability of reference, a desire to have higher nose like Caucasians led to the rise in simple surgical techniques for Asian rhinoplasty in the past. While the simple augmentation using endonasal approach was popular in the 1980s, a trend has evolved to a tip pasty with septorhinoplasty using open approach since the 2000s. Many rhinoplasty surgeons in Asia, especially Korea, have tried to improve the level of Asian rhinoplasty on numerous accumulated data and studies. This week, we share the Differences of Asian Rhinoplasty from Caucasian Rhinoplasty, an abstract from Rebuilding Nose: Rhinoplasty for Asians by IFAAS faculty, Dr. JaeYong Jeong, MD, Seoul, South Korea: Definit

Tightening & Defining Arm Using Super Tornado Threads - Exclusive Video

As we age, our skin’s structure progressively “grow old” and break down. This results in loss of skin firmness and volume - though most noticeably in facial areas, other gravity-defying body zones can also be affected. These include areas such as abdomen, chest, arms and buttocks. Thread Lift: A Growing Trend Since its introduction in 2017 in Korea, non-surgical PDO thread-lift treatments have now become firmly established in the works of many physicians around the world due to the fact that absorbable thread lift procedures are less invasive with no need for general anaesthesia or long-term rehabilitation. In addition, they are able to produce visible and comparatively positive results to

Non-Surgical Jawline Lifting Part 2: Using Cannula Lifting Threads - Exclusive Video

Facial ageing is a natural and inevitable process. Traditionally, facial and neck rejuvenation, including jawlines, rely on surgical procedures that are elaborate, complicated and require a long recovery time. However, through thread lifting, it is possible for a physician to deliver a tightened and lifted effect in a patient's jawline without having to undergo any surgical process. Face and Neck Lift: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical According to a statistical data released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS) in 2018, face and neck lift procedures were ranked 6th and 11th respectively in the surgical category of the National Totals for Cosmetic Procedures in 2017; with ove

Tightening and Defining Jawline Part 1: Using Collagen Boosting Threads - Exclusive Video

Our facial shape continues to change throughout our entire life span due to morphological differentiation of the facial skeleton with contour changes occuring because of the volume losses and repositioning of the fat compartments. This gives off the appearance of an increase in soft tissue laxity, loss of jawline definition, prominent marionette lines, and heavy jowls. Rejuvenating Jawline​ While there are various approaches to rejuvenate and lift jawlines, one of the most popular non-surgical procedures is the minimally invasive PDO and PCL thread lift. Through lifting and tightening of the skin in the jawline and near the neck area using absorbable collagen boosting threads, the performing

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