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Tightening and Defining Jawline Part 1: Using Collagen Boosting Threads - Exclusive Video

Our facial shape continues to change throughout our entire life span due to morphological differentiation of the facial skeleton with contour changes occuring because of the volume losses and repositioning of the fat compartments. This gives off the appearance of an increase in soft tissue laxity, loss of jawline definition, prominent marionette lines, and heavy jowls.

Rejuvenating Jawline​

While there are various approaches to rejuvenate and lift jawlines, one of the most popular non-surgical procedures is the minimally invasive PDO and PCL thread lift. Through lifting and tightening of the skin in the jawline and near the neck area using absorbable collagen boosting threads, the performing physician can help to promote cellular renewal under a patient’s skin by stimulating collagen production in the skin layers as the threads gradually dissolve over time.

Increasing Popularity in Non-Surgical Procedures

Based on a statistical data released in March 2018 on Major Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures in the United States in 2017, Non-Invasive Tightening procedures rank amongst the Top 5 in terms of overall total expenditure - this means that patients today are not only more receptive to non-surgical cosmetic procedures but are, in fact, actively seeking out non-surgical procedures that offer tightening and lifting effects.

Applying the Right Techniques​

Although the type of threads used in a procedure can significantly affect the final results, many publications and journals note that one of the most important factors in determining the overall effects of any procedure lies in the application of the correct techniques.

This week, our IFAAS faculty demonstrates his exclusive techniques on How to Deliver a more Tightened and Defined Jawline Using PDO/PCL Collagen Boosting Threads:

Keep a look out for our post on Non-Surgical Jawline Lifting Part 2: Using Cannula Threads - Exclusive Video next week to find out how you can combine the two techniques for enhanced results.

Hope you have enjoyed the video and article! Stay tuned for our future posts on more techniques and information related to our advanced aesthetic and cosmetic training courses!



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Hands-On Master Class: Korean Non-Surgical Face Lifting | April 27-28, 2019 | Houston, TX, USA



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