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An Ideal Female Breast Shape in Balance with the Best Proportions of Asians

Defining an ideal breast shape is one of the most fundamental and essential parts for a breast surgery. To propose a set of criteria for determining an ideal breast shape of Asians, IFAAS Faculty, Dr Jae Jin Ock performed a surgery using questionnaire based on important aesthetic elements of a breast. Ideal Breast Illustrations A total of 1,012 Asian responses were collected. In the frontal view, preferences converged for position of the nipple to be at 45% of the SU (distance from the sternal notch to the umbilicus) and the inframammary fold at 60% of the SU. For lateral bulging of the breast, the respondents preferred it to be 100% of the upper bottock, and 100^ of the interacromion width

Under Eye Rejuvenation with Absorbable PDO Inch Thread

#IFAAS Faculty Dr. Kwon Han-Jin shares his exclusive techniques on PDO thread lifting with Inch Thread for Under Eye Rejuvenation, this procedure is particularly useful for the rejuvenation & volumization of the hallowed under eye area. Learn More about Non-surgical Face Lifting with over 10 different Indications with global renowned Dr Kwon Han-Jin from Seoul, South Korea: IFAAS Hands-On Master Class Korean Non-Surgical Face Lifting - Minimally Invasive Thread Lift & Combination Therapies​ Feb 22-23, 2020 Sydney Australia Register Now March 7-8, 2020 Vancouver, Canada Register Now March 14-15, 2020 Johor Bahru, Malaysia Register Now March 26-27, 2020 Seoul, South Korea

Small Volume Liposuction: Local Anaesthesia Technique

Liposuction is one of the most popular treatment modalities in aesthetic surgery with certain unique anaesthetic considerations. Liposuction can be of two types according to the volume of solution aspirated: High volume (>4,000 ml aspirated) or low volume (<4,000 ml aspirated). Small volume liposuction may be done under local/monitored anaesthesia care, large-volume liposuction requires general anaesthesia. 4 types of liposuction techniques 4 types of liposuction techniques have been described based on the volume of infiltration or wetting solution injected, viz dry, wet, superwet, and tumescent technique [Table 1]. The main difference between these techniques is the amount of infiltration d

Intraoperative Strategies for Minimal Manipulation of Autologous Adipose Tissue for Cell‐ and Tissue

IFAAS Faculty, Dr Steve Cohen and his colleagues reviewed Intraoperative Strategies for Minimal Manipulation of Autologous Adipose Tissue for Cell‐ and Tissue‐Based Therapies. The ease of harvest with minimal donor morbidity, and plentiful access, makes adipose tissue a convenient source for autologous cell‐ and tissue‐based therapies for regenerative medical purposes. The tissue stromal vascular fraction is a heterogeneous cell population containing adipose‐derived stem/stromal cells, isolated from adipose tissue using nonenzymatic dissociation, which has been successfully used in translational studies and clinical trials. The aim of this narrative literature review is to describe and discu

Neck Rejuvenation with Absorbable Thread Lift

Aging is a universal phenomenon and inevitable. Skin too ages just as other organs of the body. In addition to generic body aging, extrinsic factors such as sunlight (visible, ultraviolet, and infrared), smoking, and air pollution induce aging due to their direct impact along with ethnic skin characteristics, which are unique to individuals. In addition to these, age-related structural changes in the bones, ligaments, fat pads, muscles, and skin all add to the aged skin look. Neck region is a perfect example of how skin in an exposed area is affected by all the above factors, resulting in textural changes with wrinkled blotchy, loose, inelastic, sagging skin; increase in neck volume with pla

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