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An Ideal Female Breast Shape in Balance with the Best Proportions of Asians

Defining an ideal breast shape is one of the most fundamental and essential parts for a breast surgery. To propose a set of criteria for determining an ideal breast shape of Asians, IFAAS Faculty, Dr Jae Jin Ock performed a surgery using questionnaire based on important aesthetic elements of a breast.

Ideal Breast Illustrations

A total of 1,012 Asian responses were collected. In the frontal view, preferences converged for position of the nipple to be at 45% of the SU (distance from the sternal notch to the umbilicus) and the inframammary fold at 60% of the SU. For lateral bulging of the breast, the respondents preferred it to be 100% of the upper bottock, and 100^ of the interacromion width. As for the lower pole height, breast width ratio of 50% was the most preferred. In the lateral view, straight slope of the upper breast was the most preferred, along with a 1.0 projection ratio and a front-facing nipple. The most ideal vertical proportion of the breast footprint was selected as 65:35, and for the anterior breast as 55:45.

Dr. Ock insisted that an ideal breast shape should not be defined only in terms of the breast itself, but rather in proportion to the rest of the body.

Results by Gender

The largest gender gap was reported in the question about slope of the upper pole, where female respondents preferred a straight line (34%) and male a mild concave line (29%). However, for males, the difference between their first preference an the second preferences (straight, 28% and mild convex, 28%) was very small.

Results by Age Group

The respondents in their 20s tended to prefer larger lateral breast width and more convex shape of the upper pole. The respondents in their 30s and older, however, tended to prefer more concave shape. The older the age group, the higher preference for a concave shape. In the question on the nipple direction, the 30-39 age group showed as much preference for upward 10 degrees as for front-facing.

Results by Aesthetic Breast Surgery Interest

The respondents with an interest in the aesthetic breast surgery tended to prefer a fuller-looking breast in both frontal and lateral views.

Comparison between the Ideal Caucasian Breast and the Ideal Asian Breast


The most ideal breast shape preferred by Asians has a nipple and an IMF at 45% and 60%, respectively, of the SU line (from the sternal notch to the umbilicus); a front-facing nipple; a straight slope of the upper breast; and a ratio of 65:35 between the upper and lower breast footprint. Fifty percent of the breast base was most preferred for the lower pole height, while the most ideal projection proportion was reported to be equal to the lower pole height. We believe that these survey results can be used as an important guide in planning for and assessing the outcome of breast surgeries.



Learn More about Asian Aesthetic Breast Augmentation with Dr Jae Jin Ock in his Operation Room this coming March, 2020:

IFAAS Mini-Fellowship (Observation)

Korean Advanced Aesthetic Breast Augmentation

- Minimal Scarred Breast Augmentation & Breast Lifting

March 30-31, 2020

Seoul, South Korea

Faculty: Dr. Jae Jin Ock, S. Korea


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