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Tightening & Defining Arm Using Super Tornado Threads - Exclusive Video

As we age, our skin’s structure progressively “grow old” and break down. This results in loss of skin firmness and volume - though most noticeably in facial areas, other gravity-defying body zones can also be affected. These include areas such as abdomen, chest, arms and buttocks.

Thread Lift: A Growing Trend

Since its introduction in 2017 in Korea, non-surgical PDO thread-lift treatments have now become firmly established in the works of many physicians around the world due to the fact that absorbable thread lift procedures are less invasive with no need for general anaesthesia or long-term rehabilitation. In addition, they are able to produce visible and comparatively positive results to surgical procedures in patients. This thus, led to an increased in popularity among medical practitioners, as well as patients who do not wish to undergo surgical procedures.

Super Tornado Threads

Super Tornado threads are thin, fine threads made of absorbable materials that can be naturally absorbed into the skin to stimulate collagen reproduction to induce a healing effect and create a “scaffold” for lifting as well as support sagging structures under the skin. Due to this highly absorbable nature, these threads will eventually be reabsorbed into the body and the effects will continue to hold throughout the period when in the body.

Arm Lift Using Super Tornado Threads

Although typically used to rejuvenate and lift sagging facial areas, absorbable threads such as the Super Tornado threads are also effective in tightening, firming and lifting of sagging body areas such as abdomen, arms and buttocks. In recent years, use of these absorbable threads in body lift procedures have proven to help deliver immediate improvement in appearances, aid the targeted area in synthesising protein and collagen as these threads get reabsorbed by the body.

This week, IFAAS faculty, Dr. Kwon demonstrates his exclusive technique on How to Tighten and Define Arm Contour Using Super Tornado Threads:

Hope you have enjoyed the video and article! Stay tuned for our future posts on more techniques and information related to our advanced aesthetic and cosmetic training courses!



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