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<Insights> Advanced Aesthetic Injectables for the Treatment of Mid Cheek Hollowness - Part 1

IFAAS faculty, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Moon Seop Choi, South Korea shares his insights on Advanced Aesthetic Injectables: Treatment of Mid Cheek Hollowness, separate treatment plan between Western and Eastern Methods.

Did you know that Caucasian and Asian demands different injection designs for the treatment of mid cheek, buccal cheek and lateral cheek hollowness, and this is due to the location difference between their apple cheeks?

Cheek Injection Plan for Mid-cheek hollow and mid-cheek groove:

1) HA is injected into the deep cheek fat pads superior to deep facial muscles

2) Supraperiosteal injection for cheek bone augmentation

Cheek Injection Plan for Buccal and Lateral-cheek hollowness:

1) HA is injected into the superficial fat layer or subSMAS layer

2) Subdermal injection to smooth out the surface

For Asians, in order to achieve the mounding for the top of the apple cheek, which is the area across the line from lateral canthus to mouth commissure and the line from root of helix to nasal alar base, Dr Choi recommends following treatment plan:

Mid-cheek hollow injection entry point

1) lateral and inferior to area requiring volume

2) lateral part of mid-cheek on the vertical line of the lateral orbital rim and horizontal line of mid-alar groove

The best technique for mid-cheek hollow injection:

1) Retrograde fanning, crossing technique

2) Vertical bolus and layering technique

The most suitable products to be used for the area:

1) Perlane or SubQ 0.7-1cc for each area of mid cheek hollow or mid-cheek groove: using 27G or 23G cannula or needle

2) Restylane lidocaine 0.3-0.5cc each area for subdermal injection to smooth out the surface

Stay tuned for next week's news letter where Dr Choi will share his opinion with treatment plan of Mid Face Hollowness for caucassian patients. To learn more about the latest Korean advancements in Aesthetic Injectables by registering for

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