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<Exclusive> Fat Transfer Pioneer Dr Gino Rigotti Teaches Lip Filling & Rejuvenation using

Facial cosmetic procedures are commonplace nowadays, especially techniques that aim to increase lip volume. Full lips provide a youthful, healthy, feminine and sensual appearance. There are many techniques and materials used to recover the loss of contour that occurs with age.

This week, IFAAS faculty, renowned plastic surgeon and fat transfer pioneer Dr Gino Rigotti shares his exclusive tips on Lip Filling & Rejuvenation using Autologous Emulsified Fat Injection in the following video:

Why Lip Filling with Autologous Emulsified Fat?

Autologous fat transplantation is indicated for the correction of wrinkles, depressed or atrophic areas in the face and volume loss in the aging process. Fat injections are more successful in facial areas due to the availability of a richer vascular supply. Autologous fat implant is readily available, inexpensive, host compatible and can be harvested easily and repeatedly when needed, without promoting allergies or foreign body reactions. When used for lip filling, Emulsified fat creates results that are softer and more pliable, so accommodated the smiling motion better.

Potential Complications

However, the disadvantages of using this material are its high viscosity and lower rates of success, especially when used for changes that occur due to aging. Undesired dislocation of the prosthetic material to more superficial parts of the lips could be attributed to frequent movement in this area and ptosis induced by gravity, therefore the injection technique if of great importance.



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