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<IFAAS Mini MBA> Clicks VS Phone Calls: 5 Tricks to Secure More Patients

In any competitive market, it is no secret that trust is an important factor between the patients and the practice. Do you know what is the ideal formula to build this bridge?

The perfect ingredient is non-other than: Human Connection.

To increase your client database, one must not only create an active online service, but also focus on developing a seamless offline experience. The idea is attracting patient enquiries through online marketing strategy, then creating an intimate interaction via phone calls, providing them with authentic and relevant information, subsequently allowing them to inspire action.

Here are the top 5 reasons why offline phone calls are equally important as active online marketing:

1) Convenience

Your website may appear mobile optimised and filled with amazing content. However, once the patient takes too long to find the information they need, the websites may lose its appeal purposes, causing patients to forgo their initial interest in a service.

Moreover, tasks like filling out a contact form on a mobile phone may appear annoying and can possibly deter patients from their initial plans. Therefore, enabling a "click-to-call" function on your website is often much more convenient. In fact, Google data shows 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from their search results.

2) Immediate Response

Reports indicate contact quality rates actually decrease by 10x after the first 5 minutes of a prospect submitting their forms online. However, with an immediate response by the clinic staff to answer to their queries, patients are able to receive the exact information at the exact moment they are interested in a service, resulting in higher appointment rates.

3) Matched Personalization

Digital marketing is continually improving personalisation, however having phone calls answered by trained staff who can address individual concerns appear much more effective and trustworthy. Ultimately, it is important to build trust with your clients.

4) Standing Out

It is important to feature your opening hours on Google search results and various social media platforms. This not only allows you to stand out from your competition, but also allows mobile users to specially filter search results by businesses that are open.

Moreover, by extending your contactable hours on social media, it will give you that extra edge over your competitors. Like the old saying goes, "The early bird catches the worm". This gives the patient an invitation to contact you, giving you the opportunity to seal the deal first.

5) Higher Conversions

Data shows that client leads generated from phone calls appear to be 3X more valuable than clicks to a website. In instance such as consideration for a surgical procedure, where information is mostly complex and requires a longer decision-making process, a phone call is most likely to address these concerns more efficiently. Research data alone shows an 11-25% increase in revenue based on converting more calls over the phone.

Test these 5 tricks in your own practice today and get more patients! But don't forget it is equally important to keep up with the latest techniques so that you can continue to grow your patient satisfaction rate and have them keep coming back!

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