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Dorsal refinement with Deep Temporal Fascia - Part 2: Placing

Diced cartilage with deep temporalis fascia is a choice many facial plastic surgeons make for their primary and secondary operation. Diced cartilage has been used for soft tissue reconstruction since the mid 20th century. Not only is the construction autogenous in nature, but also it creates a reliable and manageable method of creating dorsal aesthetic lines.

3 weeks ago, IFAAS Faculty Dr Jae Yong Jeong shared his exclusive technique on Dorsal Refinement with Deep Temporal Fascia - Part 1: Preparation and Wrapping. (click here) This week, he would like to share Part 2 of the procedure: How to Place DTF to the proper position to maximise the surgical results:

Other Ways to use DTFs

  • Used as a combined graft with cartilage or as direct augmentation material in free graft form for partial rhinoplastic dorsal and tip augmentation to create natural aesthetic lines or for improving undesired dorsum and tip deformity.

  • Useful as a material that supplements implants and strengthens soft tissues in cases requiring covering of implant demarcation due to thin skin.

  • DTF is a broadly utilized as a material for reconstruction surgery of

  1. Face

  2. Exposed-tendon injuries

  3. Facial and hand reconstructions

  4. Reconstructing ear defects

  • Temporal fascia free flaps are also used to cover ligaments

Tips to achieve a natural looking outcome

Fat grafts are recommended to perform gradually and especially for patients with hump, they relatively do not have much concern for the height of the bridge. Rather, they would usually have the curve irregularity corrected. Many patients prefer curve irregularity correction using only autologous tissues instead of implants as well.


Enjoyed this article? Stay tuned for our next week's newsletter, Dr Jeong will be sharing his personal technique on Tip Refinement using Ear Cartilage with Deep Temporal Fascia Wrapping.


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