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<Exclusive> Brow Lift Technique using Botulinum Toxin by Dr Giovanni Botti

Brow lifting is an essential element in the rejuvenation of the ageing face. There are many different methods to achieve brow-lifting, surgically and non-surgically.

This week, IFAAS faculty, renowned plastic surgeon Dr Giovanni Botti shares his exclusive tips on Brow Lifting using Botulinum Toxin - Dos and Don'ts in the following video:

BTX-A is a safe and effective treatment for temporary browlifting. It has been successfully used for the treatment of hyperfunctional facial lines. The elevations produced in the nasal, central, and temporal brow can lead to an aesthetically pleasing female brow with desirable shape and height. A statistically significant elevation of the right and left brows are also usually observed in both relaxed and elevated positions.

Doctors usually measure the change in brow elevation along vertical axis extending from both midpupil and lateral canthus to the caudal row of brow hairs with eyes at neutral gaze and the head at Frankfort plane. Preintervention and postintervention brow height is later measured using the primary clinical investigator.

All in all, Dr Botti shared that minor temporal brow elevation occurs as the result of using botulinum toxin A injection. It will be a good alternative should the patient requires minimum elevation of the temporal area.

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