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Non-surgical Buccal Fat Reduction using Internal RF Cannula with the Combination of Absorbable Threa

The buccal fat pad (BFP) is one of several encapsulated fat masses in the cheek. If the buccal extension is extensive, round face, excessive cheeks or “baby faces” are some of the common complains made by patients. Its removal may enhance the zygomatic prominences resulting in an inverted triangle of beauty.

The buccal fat pad (BFP) is a rounded biconvex adipose structure limited by a thin capsule. It is located in the middle third of the cheek and composed by three lobes. The anterior lobe protrudes in front of the anterior border of the masseter muscle. The intermediate one extends between the masseter and buccinators muscles. The posterior lobe continues between temporal masticatory space. Therefore, the BFP has intimate relationship with the masticatory system, facial nerve, and parotid duct.

There are two traditional methods to perform BFP removal surgically, either through intraoral approach or by facial approach during the facelift procedure. However, this week, IFAAS faculty would like to share How to treat Buccal Fat Reduction Non-surgically using Internal RF Cannula:

In this part 2 video, IFAAS faculty shares how to combine Absorbable Threads to tighten the area and enhance the treatment results right after Non-Surgical Buccal Fat Reduction using Internal RF Cannula:

The non surgical method not only can be performed with minimum downtown for patients, the control of contour is also easy. Usually 1 treatment session is sufficient and can be repeated if required.



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