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Locating Safe Injection Point for Temple Filling with Hyaluronic Acid (Video)

One of the common signs of aging is the hollowing of temples, whereby the upper face appears "pinched" with the brows appearing short and ptotic.

While there are varying methods available, the treatment for temples remain one of the most difficult as the tissue in the area is thin and has a propensity to show irregularities after injection.

Today, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), has become the “gold standard” for filling of the temple area as it not only improves wrinkles but also restores volume due to its viscosity (especially for hollows) which allows for a nice correction.

Temple Filling

With the use of HA fillers, filling in the targetted temple area have been shown to persist up to two or three years. Although it is to note that longevity of treatment depends on treated areas, stabilization and viscosity of injected HAs -- one also has to take into account the possibility of an individual's response.

It is worth noting that temple hollows are usually oblong and frequently deepest immediately lateral to the orbit and above the arch. An injection site must be planned just inferior to this area; and the selection of this site is important. The length of the needle (usually a 1.5″ 22-gauge) or cannula must reach from the injection site to the upper border of the defect, otherwise the temple deformity may not be fully corrected. In filling temples with HA fillers, care must be taken not to overfill as the goal is to level the temple hollows; and not to make them convex.

This week, IFAAS faculty Dr Matthew Holman with Dr Pedro Valente demonstrate Locating A Safe Injection Point for Temple Filling with Hyaluronic Acid (Video).

Hope you have enjoyed the article & video! Stay tuned for our future posts about more techniques related to advanced aesthetic injectables!



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