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<Video> Why you should attend IFAAS trainings? -Testimonials from your colleagues

We know the best doctors keep their skills current and only practice makes perfect. Today, we would like to share some testimonials from our delegates on how IFAAS hands-on trainings have benefited their own medical practice!

<Video> Watch the testimonial from IFAAS Faculty, Dr Han-Jin Kwon and Dr Jonathan Lee, Singapore who attended 2 of the IFAAS Master Classes in South Korea and Myanmar in June and July:

More Delegates Testimonials have been shared by your colleagues on why they love IFAAS training!

"Very informative and hands-on experience! The masterclass is very different from the ones I've attended in Europe. Definitely an one-of-a-kind experience! I'm surprise how the procedures that were introduced in the course have such immediate results! I would love to attend more innovative courses like this in the future!"

-Dr T.W., Germany

"Nicely organised, kind people - both participants and organisers have high level of education, high relation of practice"

-Dr Sascha Dunst, Switzerland

"Perfect workshop! I have gained so much in the workshop by learning new non-surgical techniques."

-Dr Aung Thant Htun, Myanmar

"Very nice introduction to thread lifting and great to treat patients on our own for optimal learning! Good opportunity to learn new techniques from experts in the field"

-Dr Joshua Olson, USA

"Beat my own experience and makes me more confident for thread lifting procedures!"

-Dr A.T, Myanmar

"Much better compared to other workshops— in terms of time management and overall arrangement. Time dedicated to patient per doctor is not rushed and fair"

-Dr T.E.H, Malaysia


It is truly heartening to receive such positive reviews. It is our constant endeavour to serve our delegates with professionalism and efficiency and acknowledgement of the same is truly encouraging.

The IFAAS Team would like to thank everyone for their unwavering support. We will continue to strive hard in creating more innovative programs while up-keeping the highest of standards in our future global events:


Introducing IFAAS Annual Focus Series - 7 DAYS Special Course coming up this December in Seoul, South Korea

(combo booking of both courses and save 500 USD)

Dec 8-11, 2017 Korean Advanced Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation & Lifting Master Class

( Hands-On)

4 days Focus Series focusing on:

Day 1: Patient Beauty Analysis + Energy Based Devices

Day 2 & Day 3: Non-Surgical Thread Lifting & Advanced Aesthetic Injectables

Day 4: Innovative Minimally-Invasive Procedures


Dec 12-14, 2017 Korean Advanced Facial Aesthetic Surgery Master Class

( Observatory)

3 days Focus Series focusing on:

Day 1: Asian Surgical Rhinoplasty

Day 2: Asian Surgical Blepharoplasty

Day 3: Korean Surgical Facial Volume & Bone Contouring

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