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IFAAS Monthly Webinar Summary: 9 Tips to Double your Revenue for Aesthetic Science-Based Businesses

Hi there,

IFAAS’s monthly webinar: Digital Marketing for Aesthetic Science -Based Businesses in 2018 - Are your SEO/AdWords/Facebook Ads strategies working to bring in maximum customers for your practice was hosted on 24 November 2017 and if you had missed it, here are the summary audio and some of the key takeaways.

Joined with us are Marketing Expert Brie Moreau & Viola Schenkel from White Light Digital Marketing.

Brie is a SEO specialist with 10 years of experience in all areas of digital marketing.

Viola with 5 years in digital marketing and a specialist in Funnel marketing, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation and data-driven content creation.

Q1: How do you get your clients?

Plastic surgeons get their customers from digital marketing, referrals and offline methods (events, etc) - 3 main methods.

We conducted a polling during our webinar with attendees and the results are as shown on the below.

This is the reality. Marketing online, aka, Digital marketing, is largely under-utilised in the medical industry. Referrals work, but their reach isn’t as wide as digital marketing.

Q2: Some key digital marketing terms to remember

These are some tools that we can use but if these tools aren’t used, you’ll lose out on a massive sales channel. And with Google analytics as a guide and tracker of your website’s performance, you’ll be able to identify which is the best channel and budget for it!

These features tells customers that you exist!

Q3: SEO- More ≠ more, how do patients find you using Google’s keywords?

Keywords are terms that your practice’s website identifies itself with (E.g. plastic surgery Brisbane) and it helps potential clients find you!

But tagging more keywords to your site doesn’t mean clients would find you easier. Some marketing agencies may link your website to hundreds of related keywords and you may see your site rank in the top 100 even top 20 with some of the keywords. This sounds great but in reality it isn’t. If that keyword is not showing your website on the 1st page of the Google Results, then your clients probably won't see your site at all, only top 10 ranking is the real keywords for you. If you can't bump your site up to the 1st page using organic keywords, then it's time to try paid Google ADwords.

Q4: 3 more strategies to get more visitors to your website?

You can improve your visitor numbers by having one or a combination of these 4 items:

  1. Content - develop interesting and relatable content on your website to draw new visitors

  2. On-Page SEO - Improving the webpage by inserting specific keywords in the page title and written content

  3. Backlinks - An internet link published on the other sites that links back to your website. The more backlinks you have, the more “popular” you are on Google.

Q5: Backlink, warning!

Content and On-Page SEO are relative easy to manage. But backlinks can make or damage your medical practice.

In lay-man terms, backlinks are like a popularity contest by Google. But with one caveat, if the backlinks are of poor quality (backlinks listed on the dodgy websites), Google will penalise your website. Some of the agencies are still using this old technique but it doesn’t work anymore.

On the other hand, if the backlinks are of high quality such as being featured/mentioned in a medical association for example, you’re safe and your ranking improves.

Q6: How to design website to convert?

Our marketing expert Brie had a brief look of some of the aesthetic clinics’ websites in Singapore and stated that most of the websites are not made for conversion.

Good websites are the ones with a clear objective - all contents are designed to drive customers to easily contact the clinic, i.e. having “contact us” form at the bottom of every page.

Bad websites are those which has a lot of information but serves no purpose and do not drive customer to contact you.

The website is a visual tool and if customers can’t find what they are looking for/ how to contact you, your website has failed.

Q7: What are the interactions that really generate sales?

Below are the 3 of top conversation pathways that really generates revenue:

  1. Website enquiries

  2. Free trial consultation

  3. Phone call enquiries

We do not expect them to buy from you online as your products/service are expensive. Hence, we expect them to make enquiries first. Studies shows that real human interaction generates most of the sales for aesthetic business.

Q8: The power of Email Marketing

Despite all the social media hype, Email marketing is still the most popular and most trusted form of communication and drives most of the sales for aesthetic business.

Your email communication with your potential clients should be based on content sharing and not to sell your products - do not confuse them. You should provide useful information in your email to your clients, once your readers feels you know what you are talking about, you then have a higher chance of turning them into a customer.

In our webinar polling, 4 attendees mentioned that they contact their clients through email marketing “sometimes”, 2 mentioned emails are done twice a month, and 3 do not use email marketing at all.

This is alerting! The email system and platform is easy to use and can be automated. By staying relevant to your client, you’ll have a higher chance of getting not only business from them but getting more referrals.

Q9: Some quick fixes:

  1. Enable live chat on your website. This eliminates competition as your speedy response gained the attention from the potential client!

  2. Reduce the number of field/spaces on your online contact form. More field and spaces lowers the chances of your client contacting you. They might give up halfway while filling the long form.

  3. Most importantly, have testimonials. Everyone loves proof.

Last but not least…


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