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<VIDEO> Famous athletes' knee injury recovered after treatment with PRS (Platelet Rich St

Countless of individuals experience sport injuries every year, and they are still in search for a treatment that can fully eradicate their pain.

Stem-cell therapy based on fat cells and blood platelet cells could be the answer to this.

But what are the main challenges current methods face?

1) Potential usage of stem cell therapy requires cultural process ► cultured cells are 10 times larger than non-cultured cells, making them difficult to get through the lungs or blood brain barrier. Not permitted by most of the national ethical boards.

2) Adipose Stem Cells contain large number of stem cells but are hard to clean and separate ► added enzymes & chemicals equal to higher risks

3) Blood- PRP is low cost, simple and efficient ► however has limitation to the treatment of muscle & tendon injuries only

What is the Solution?

IFAAS Faculty, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Jeroen Stevens shares insights on his recent invention- PRS (Platelet Rich Stroma), which might just be the way out.

What is PRS?

PRS is the combination of growth factors from the patient's own platelets and his/her repair cells coming from adipose tissue. A new technique in a 100% closed system without any chemical or enzymatic manipulation of the adipose tissue holding your repair cells in their local niche.

PRS has shown to repair virtually any soft tissue damage; (radiation or surgical) scars, sun damaged skin, even hair loss seems to recover well when using the patients' own repair system. New promising results are now also seen when treating damaged joints in knee, hip and wrist. Extensive research projects are being conducted currently, but individual successes are encouraging for both the surgeons as well as the patients. Repair before Replace seems to become a serious option now.

The newly invented procedure seems to have completely cured many famous tennis players and athletes' long over due sports injuries. Learn more about PRS from the video below:

Interested to provide the newly invented regenerative therapies to your own clients? Dr Jeroen Stevens shares why you should join our Master Class on Stem Cell & PRP Therapy that is going to happen on Nov 13-14, 2017 in Hong Kong.

Watch his welcome message below:

Region's 1st Hands-On Master Class on

Stem Cell & PRS Therapy

for Facial Rejuvenation & Sports Medicine

  • 2 Days Power Packed Training Program:​ Theory + Live Demonstration + Hands-on Training

  • 6 Live Demonstration Cases Showing Step-By-Step Procedure

  • 6 Hours Hands-On Training with Maximum Live Patients Practice Experience

  • Gain Proficiency to Perform and Launch New Procedures Right After the Training

  • Become Region's Pioneer on stem cell and PRS Therapy for facial rejuvenation and sports medicine with No/Minimum Competitions

Available Master Class Dates and Venues

  • Nov 13-14, 2017, Hong Kong, China Details (Newly Opened) - maximum 20 delegates only

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