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Aesthetic Mini Fellowship Event Highlights: April 16-21, 2018

Last week, about 20 doctors from US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and the other parts of Asia visited 3 of our faculties in Seoul for the week long #IFAAS fellowship on Aesthetic Surgery and Non-Surgical Aesthetic Innovations.

Let's take a look what they have learned and how was their training experience during the pre-op lectures, OR surgical training as well as the one-to-one hands-on practices:

Onsite Highlights:

Delegate Testimonials

Attended delegates were elated and satisfied with the well rounded observational and hands-on course guided by our renown professional faculty members. This heightened their experiences in the field of cosmetics which they could not experience anywhere else in the world but IFAAS.

What Else Did They Experience in Seoul?

The culture, food & amazing shoppings, watch a short video prepared by Expedia Travel Channel and learn more about this amazing city.


Didn't make it to this event?

REGISTER to be trained by IFAAS's elite faculty and learn the most cutting-edge non-surgical face lifting techniques in the next Seoul Mini Fellowship

During our hands-on Non-Surgical Aesthetics Mini Fellowship, you will get to

1) Lean the theory and science behind the procedure

2) See how the procedures of different indications are being done close up during live-demonstration cases

3) Practice and perform the procedure yourself on real patient cases under the close supervision of the trainer ONE-BY-ONE

4) Walk away with the knowledge that enable you to administer the procedures on your own patients immediately after


Don't forget this is your last chance to get FREE F1 night race tickets by registering for the upcoming Rhinoplasty & Hybrid Face Lifting Hands-on Cadaver Course in Singapore, Sept 14-15, 2018.

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