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Non-surgical Thread Lifting for 3D Nose Tip Refinement

The latest non-surgical nasal remodelling techniques with PDO/ PCL threads provides correction of nasal deformities with ease: it can elevate the nasal bridge and dorsum, most importantly refine & sharpen the nose tip, one indication traditional filler injection can't achieve around nasal region.​

Results from a Nose Thread Lift treatment can usually last for about 1-2 years. (depends on the thread material of PDO or PCL), If the treatment is repeated 9 months after the initial treatment, the result will be longer-lasting. The aesthetic outcome is satisfactory and the incidence of complications is low.

This week, IFAAS Faculty Dr Kwon Han Jin (S. Korea) demonstrates the technique of Non-surgical Thread Lifting for 3D Nose Tip Refinement - creating sharp, raised nose tip without a knife in the following video!

The Process of Non-surgical Thread Lifting for Nose Tip Refinement

Non-surgical nose thread lift uses absorbable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) or Poly Caprolactone (PCL) that are 100% bio-compatible and absorbable by the human body. The absorbable threads are inserted horizontally into the nose bridge (both deep and superficial layer) and vertically into the nose tip. The threads act as a scaffolding structure which helps to contour and shape the nose to the desired state such as height, septum for nose projection & tip reshaping. Threads are also placed under the skin to elevate the nose bridge and tip while stimulating collagen formation to provide sustainable lift for the nose. A blunt cannula is inserted to achieve the desired height and projection.

Which is better? Nose Thread Lifting or Nose Filler?

Given the various potential pitfalls associated with filler injections for nasal augmentation, many question whether there is a good alternative for non-surgical rhinoplasty. The thread nose lift, an exciting new development in the realm of non-surgical enhancement of the nose, is one great alternative to dermal filler injection.

Nose Thread Lifting medical ethos of "Primum non nocere", or "first do no harm" definitely applies to Nose Thread Lifting. To read the full article on the Comparison between PDO nose threads and fillers, click here to find out more!

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Nose Thread Lifting & Nose Tip Refinement Techniques are being taught in all the upcoming Korean Non-surgical Face Lifting Hands-on Master Classes!

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