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Former Miss UK admitted undergoing thread facelift has improved her look and confidence.

Quoted from DailyMail’s website, the latest anti-ageing treatment taking the cosmetic industry by storm is the ‘puppet facelift’, which experts claim can help women beat wrinkles without going under the knife.

Earning its nickname from the use of strings, or threads, to lift and volumes the cheeks and lower face, the puppet facelift is proving popular with women in their 30s seeking to reduce the first signs of ageing. Indeed, the non-surgical treatment, which costs £1,650, saw a 1,065 per cent rise in enquiries at the start of the year.

The treatment takes an hour or two and involves ‘strings’ being threaded through the face, under the skin to lift the muscles on the face.

Speaking about the cosmetic craze, Dr Sarah Tonks at Knightsbridge-based medical spa, Omniya London, said: 'The puppet facelift has been gaining popularity at a rapid rate, particularly with ladies in their 30s - and with good reason. 'It makes them look refreshed rather than different,' she added. 'No one wants to look like they’ve had work done, especially in their 30s, so this treatment offers the best solution. 'It could be the end of the scalpel - the results are that good.'

Former beauty queen, Rachel Howard, 34, who was crowned Miss UK in 2012, underwent a puppet lift last year. She says the procedure has given her a boost in confidence, making her happier and feeling more feminine.

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