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1 Trick to Pick the Right Patients for Thread Lifting (Video)

Suitable candidates for thread-lift surgery are normally women and men aged 35 to 65 who want a more effective and permanent facial lifting effect than fillers and Botox alone can provide, but who do not want or are not ready for a full surgical cosmetic procedure such as a face-lift or brow-lift.

If you have any of the following concerns you may be a candidate for a thread-lift:

  • Moderate sagging and laxity of the skin in the cheeks, eyebrows, eyes, jowls and neck

  • Effects of a previous face-lift or neck-lift are wearing off

  • Younger patients with cheek and brow sagging caused by weakened muscles (ptosis)

  • Patients with realistic expectations for the outcome of their thread-lift surgery

In this week's newsletter, we are showing a short video from Dr Terry TV on the small tricks you should use to pick the right patients for PDO thread lifting:

Unsuitable candidates for thread-lift surgery include:

Patients with very thin, fragile and slack skin caused by the aging process Patients with heavy jowls and pronounced sagging in the facial area Patients with little facial fat Patients who do not have realistic expectations for the thread-lift procedure.

Fascinated to find out more about this progressively popular procedure?

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