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5 Cosmetic (Minimally-Invasive) Treatments Trending in 2017

When it comes to beauty, the best thing you can do is love your body for how it is.

But for those who have their hearts set on getting some cosmetic treatment done in the new year, according to the latest trends published by Yahoo just last month, some will be more popular than others in 2017 – and these don’t require going under the knife.

In 2016, these procedures are trending:

1. Lip Augmentation

According to, thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Charlotte Crosby, treatments such as lip augmentation have topped the the 2016 popularity list (based on website traffic), followed by dermal fillers and non-surgical nose jobs.

2. PRP Fillers

And when it comes to actual treatment enquiries, platelet rich plasma fillers – otherwise known at the vampire face lift made famous by Kim Kardashian in 2013 – increased particularly sharply. By 56 percent since 2016, in fact, and so is predicted to be the second-most popular trend in 2017.

3. Cryolipoysis

Cryolipolysis or "fat freezing" was 2016’s fastest-growing trend, with an 130 percent increase in enquiries, which is often described as a "minimally invasive" alternative to liposuction.

4. Macrolane

Macrolane also rocketed in popularity in 2016, which involves using an injectable gel to reshape the calves or buttocks. This increased by almost a third, but costs patients a hefty sum of $2980 on average.

And when it comes to 2017, the biggest predicted trend is the non-surgical face lift, as enquiries have increased by 91 percent in the past three months.

Here’s the full list of predicted non-surgical cosmetic treatment trends for 2017:

1. Non-surgical face lift 2. Platelet rich plasma filler 3. Deep chemical peel 4. Thread lift 5. Dermal fillers

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