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The 4 Most Trending Korean Non-Surgical Face Lifting Procedures in 2017: Terminology & Advantage

This week, let's explore what the 2017's latest Korean Non-surgical Face lifting procedures are out there and what benefits do they bring for your patients!

Ultra PCL


A non-surgical face lifting technique using absorbable polycaprolactone threads, which last for 2 years and then decompose inside of the skin tissue with instant lifting results


- Deliver instant lifting results, best for lower face lifting and jowl line correction

- Not only lifting but also creating facial volumizing effect

- Polycaprolactone material have long lasting results, minimum 2 years

Procedure Time:

30-60 mins, depends on the number of treatment areas and thread numbers required, touch-up is available 5-6 months after the last treatment

Average Cost:

3,000-5,000 USD/treatment



A nose shaping and sharpening technique using absorbable polycaprolactone threads, which last for 2 years and then decompose inside of the skin tissue, builds great foundation for further Hyaluronic acid injection


- Requires no extra moulding after inserting into the nose

- Won't spread out and create "Avatar" nose compares to using Filler for Nose Augmentation

- Polycaprolactone material create results last for minimum 2 years

Procedure Time:

15-30 mins depends on the difficulty level of nose shape adjustment

Average Cost:

1,500 USD/treatment, can be repeated after the results wear off in 2 years time, can also be combined with filler injection



A non-surgical face lifting technique using transcutaneous pneumatic injection device which delivers hyaluronic acid or other solutions into SMAS layer of the skin by a strong pneumatic jet stream.


- Needles free procedure with only air pressure to press the solution into the skin, with minimum bleeding

- Best for Upper Face Lifting

- Reaching SMAS layer with significant lifting effect

Procedure Time:

20-30 mins per treatment, repeated 3 times over 4 weeks' period

Average Cost:

1,500 USD/treatment

Air Aqua Shine


A face anti-aging and brightening therapy, which 1) injects compressed air to create cavities between dermis and epidermis 2) injects hyaluronic acid or other solutions to improve skin’s elasticity, smooth out wrinkles, moisturise and brighten the skin.


- The only technique that combines air dissector and hyaluronic acid injection

- Drastically improve skin elasticity as well as removing wrinkles

- Skin tissue absorbs hyaluronic acid more effectively with the aid of air dissector

Procedure Time:

30 mins per treatment, repeated 3 times over 3 weeks' period

Average Cost:

1,000 USD per treatment

6 Reasons to Choose Korean Non-Surgical Face Lifting Techniques

1. Instant & Better Lifting Results 2. CE/FDA approved 3. Much Cheaper Investment on Devices & Threads 4. Simplified Techniques for Easier Implenmentation 5. Highly Demanded in the Market 6. Maximised ROI

Region's 1st Hands-On Master Class on

Latest Korean Non-Surgical Face Lifting Techniques using Aesthetic Injectables, Devices and Thread Lifting

  • 4 Days Power Packed Training Program:​ Theory + Live Demonstration + Hands-on Training

  • 16 Live Demonstration Cases Showing Step-By-Step Procedure on:

- Case 1: Airlift by Airmax for Upper Temporal Area Lifting

- Case 2: Cosmetic application and Indications of Aqua Shine Injections to Increase Overall Appearance and Condition of the Facial Skin

- Case 3: Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal: The Solution with RF Cannula, Supertirnafo & Inch Thread

- Case 4: Application of RF Cannula for Removal of Deep Forehead Wrinkles

- Case 5: Ultra PCL Thread Lifting for Facial Volume Relocation and Lifting

- Case 6: Vampire Ultra V Lifting: Activated PRP & Blunt Cannula 360 Degrees Spiral Cog Thread for Total Facial Lifting & Rejuvenation

- Case 7: Combination of Hiko PCL Thread Lifting and Fillers for Non-surgical Nose Lifting, Bridge Enhancement and Nasal Augmentation.

- Case 8: Combination of Thread Lifting with RF Cannula for Jowl Line Correction

  • 12 Hours Hands-On Training with Maximum Live Patients Practice Experience

  • Gain Proficiency to Perform and Launch New Procedures Right After the Training

  • Become Region's Pioneer on Korean Non-Surgical Face Lift Techniques with No/Minimum Competitions

Available Master Class Dates and Venues: Dec 8-11, 2017 Seoul South Korea ( Last 5 Seats)

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