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The Rainbow Scale: A Simple, Validated Online Method to Score the Outcome of Aesthetic Treatments

Photographs have become an important integral part of documentation in an aesthetic surgery practice, both for medico-legal as well as scientific purposes.

Only by evaluating pre- and postoperative photographic documentation

arewe able to evaluate our success and treatment outcomes in an objective way. Several photographic scales have already been developed for this purpose. However, an easy online system to evaluate aesthetic outcomes in a validated,

fast, reliable, and standardized way is still lacking.

In this week's news letter, IFAAS Faculty Jeroen Stevens shares what he call the "Rainbow Scale" method based on the Merz Scale (Merz Pharmaceuticlas GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany), an online system where 6 photographs are presented in a block of two rows of 3 photographs. In this online system, 6 photographs are presented in a block of two rows of 3 photographs. The photograph of the patient to be evaluated is located in the central position of the lower row. Other photographs show the five grades of severity of the area to be evaluated, with the lowest score left of the photograph to be evaluated, the second score on the upper left side, etc. until the highest score on the lower right side of the photograph. The different scores are thus presented around the patient in a rainbow fashion. In this way, the result of an aesthetic treatment can be scored easily and fast. Both pre- and post-treatment situations can be scored objectively and can be compared with other patients and treatment methods.

Click here to read more about the Rainbow Scale and how it can be used as an reliable and objective online questionnaire for the assessment of any aesthetic feature to provide you an reliable measurement with high intra- and inter-observer agreements that can be performed in an easy online fashion.

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