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<Exclusive Video> Korean Advanced Non-Surgical Neck Lifting by Dr Doo Yeoul Chang

In a recent interview between Allure and board-certified plastic surgeons Dr Norman Rowe, Dr. Melissa Doft and Dr. Darren Smith from New York City, it has been confirmed that the Thread Lift could be a new and cheaper choice to delay the traditional face lift procedure.

According to Dr Rowe, the Thread lifting uses threads which pulls the skin in order to re-suspend it into a lifted and more youthful position. With regards to the threads used, Dr Smith stated that new threads are dissolvable which therefore reduces the risk of infection - as compared to previous threads which were a permanent suture that could host bacteria.

Unlike a traditional surgical face-lift, the thread lift doesn't involve incisions or “deep-tissue manipulation”. Hence, it is a much easier process for patients due to its shorter downtime of about two to three days - unlike the traditional face lift - according to Dr Smith.

In terms of demand, the Thread Lift treatment has been picking up - both among men and women - with a procedure cost of roughly USD1,500 to USD4,500 - according to Dr Doft.

As concluded by Dr Doft, the thread lift is a viable, FDA–cleared second choice. It can be a good option for someone seeking an easier, less costly option for facial rejuvenation.

The absorbable thread Lifting was originated from South Korea and has been gaining great popularity in Asia for the past couple years. Therefore in this week’s newsletter, IFAAS faculty, Dr Chang Doo Yeoul from South Korea will share his insights on Non-Surgical face lift and neck lift from his 12 years experience.

As a person gets older, there are obvious aging changes in the neck:

  • Obtuse cervicomental angle

  • Poorly-defined jawline

  • Photo-aging changes in the skin

  • Horizontal or vertical line due to platysmal band and cervical motion

  • Central and lateral neck bands

  • Visible submandibular glands

  • Hypertrophic masseter muscles

Dr Chang's tumescent technique

  • Use 21G spinal needle

  • Tunneling cannula though the line designed

  • Lidocaine 20cc, N/S 20cc, epinephrine 0.1cc

  • Inject 2ml in each line [Tumescent] - Less: cause pain on patient - Too much: difficult to find the right skin layer and lose the strength of cog

  • Appropriate amount of tumescent is an essential point to have a excellent lifting effect on a patient.

View Dr Chang’s unique technique in our exclusive video below.



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