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<Insights> How can Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread (MINT) benefit your practice? - Part

In a recent study on Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) conducted in Brazil, Professor Samira Yarak from the Department of Dermatology in Brazil has confirmed that the Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) is a safe procedure and an alternative to the surgical face-lift for facial remodelling and rejuvenation.

The Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) procedure uses absorbable barded threads that is capable of creating a lifting effect.

According to Professor Yarak, the Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) has many benefits:

  • Post-Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) procedure did not interfere with patients’ routine;

  • A safe procedure;

  • Shorter recovery time;

  • A relatively fast procedure

  • (See Figure 2);

  • An alternative to conventional plastic surgery;

  • Serious complications were not observed after the procedure;

  • General anaesthesia isn't required - Local anaesthesia will suffice;

  • Improvement was evident in the immediate postoperative period (see Figure 3);

  • Effects were shown to be long-lasting during follow-up;

  • The Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) procedure allows the association with other non-surgical procedures (botulinum toxin and others for facial remodelling).

As seen in the photo below, the procedure is relatively fast and quick, and isn't as invasive as the surgical face-lift (Figure 2).

The results are almost immediate (Figure 3)

While the gold standard for facial rejuvenation is the face lift surgery - it is a more invasive surgical procedure with a longer recovery time, in addition to greater surgical risks, unlike the Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT).

All of the patients (involved in this study) were satisfied and improvement were present in the mandible contour and attenuation of the nasolabial folds - there was excellent results in the middle and lower third of the face and presented an elevated patient satisfaction index.

The Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) is a good procedure for patients who do not wish to undergo the conventional face-lifting surgical procedure - those who do not have a long time for recovery or those who has contraindication to surgery due to anaesthetic sedation.

In conclusion, the Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) is a good alternative to the conventional plastic surgery face-lift due to its many benefits (listed above).

View how Dr. Charles Kim from CK Plastic Surgery LA, USA benefited from the Minimally-Invasive Non-Surgical Thread lifting (MINT) in our exclusive video below

Reference: Yarak S, de Carvalho JAR (2017) Facial Rejuvenation with Absorbable and Barbed Thread Lift: Case Series with Mint Lift™. J Clin Exp Dermatol Res 8:415


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