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<Insights> Non-Surgical Eye bag Removal by Dr Han-Jin Kwon - Part 4: Pre-Procedure Preparation

In the past 3 weeks, IFAAS has published the 3 Innovations on Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal by Dr Han-Jin Kwon -

Due to overwhelming positive response on the articles, in this week's newsletter, #IFAAS Faculty Dr. Han-Jin Kwon will share his personal techniques on how he prepares/numbs the patient for the Non-Surgical Eye-bag Removal Procedures using Lidocaine to ensure a pleasant treatment experience and minimise bruise for the under eye area - a common complaints from the patients.

Watch how the Non-Surgical Eye bag Removal pre-procedure preparation using Lidocaine is performed by IFAAS Faculty Dr Han-Jin Kwon in our exclusive video below

How does it work?

In this video, Dr Kwon is using Lidocaine with epinephrine injected by Dental Injection Gun to numb the patient’s under eye area before he performs the Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal procedures.

A dental injection gun is provided for injecting anesthetics into the peridental ligament and comprises a frame having a pistol grip portion carrying a sleeve holder to which is connected a syringe holder, a pusher rod being received in the sleeve holder and being provided with ridges acted upon by an apertured member when the latter is moved by an actuator to eject step-by-step an anesthesia from the gun occasioned by interaction of the apertured member with the ridges on the pusher rod. The usage of the dental injection gun is to ensure precise and small amount of the injection.


Dr Kwon starts off by ensuring that the Lidocaine injection is made with even speed and injected superficially so that the under eye area is numb evenly.

Dr Kwon begins by numbing the right side of the patient’s under eye area followed by performing and repeating the same technique and positions on the left side. This is important (taking note of the distance and location of the injection performed on the right side onto the left side) to ensure consistency. While making sure that the injection made does not go too deep in the under eye area.

Mixing Lidocaine with epinephrine will also minimise bruising after the procedure.

Wait Time?

The area should be numbed shoftly after the injection. For optimised treatment experience, wait for 2-3 mins before conducting the rest of the actual treatment (RF Cannula, PDO Powder, Super Tornado Threads).


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