Application of RF Cannula for the Dissection of Deep Forehead Frown Lines

June 21, 2018


In this week’s newsletter, we would be updating you on the latest usage of the Radio frequency (RF) cannula for the dissection of Deep Forehead Frown Lines. The RF device shown in the video below, uses a combination of RF micro needle treatment and RF subcision technique aiming to provide minimum damage to the skin, at the same time soften and free the scarred tissue from the underlying tissue, the technique has the effect of tissue remodelling inside the dermis and hypodermis and stimulates collagen formation and reduces wrinkles. 


Watch the exclusive video below as #IFAAS faculty Dr Kwon Han-Jin demonstrates his techniques in micro-cannula insertion for Dissection of Deep Forehead Frown Lines



Procedures associated with the usage of RF-cannula

  • Wrinkles reduction

  • Eye rejuvenation for under-eye bags

  • Temple and cheeks filling

  • Lip volumisation 

  • Sagging skins

  • Facial Contouring



How does it works?

The minimally invasive micro-needles deliver controlled RF energy directly into various depths of the skin. The micro needles is carried gently over the treated area of the skin. The micro wounds, which are caused due to the treatment, enables the short energy impulses to go deep, inside the dermis. The body’s own natural repair processes of skin cells are responsible for the regeneration of collagen and therefore a tissue restoration. Thus, the heat energy encourages the collagen production and tightening of the tissue, which would ultimately provide you with a young and rejuvenated skin.



Types of RF cannula recommended for Wrinkle Removal of the forehead region

  • 18G cannula for mid-forehead

  • 20G cannula for inner-forehead between the brows



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