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3 Ways Non-surgical Brow Lift with Barbed & Collagen Boosting Threads

According to the latest article Eyebrow lifting with barbed threads: A simple, safe, and effective ambulatory procedure on Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology by Adriano Santorelli, Pierfrancesco Cirillo, Salvatore Piero Fundarò, Maurizio Cavallini, Giovanni Salti, Stefano Avvedimento (2022), changes in brow positioning are one of the first facial aging signs. A more beautiful and younger look can be achieved by repositioning the tissues involved in brow descent and sagging eyelids.

Ideal positioning of eyebrows varies from person to person across different age groups, races & gender. Therefore, patient assessment, treatment selection & physicial technique are all critical in achiving the desired result. While there are still surgical options available, ­non-surgical treatment for brow lifts is on the rise.

Mentioned in the same article, a total of 38 female patients, mean age 35.5 underwent eyebrow thread lifting with no serious complications were observed during or after treatment & patients were able to go back to their daily lives the day after the procedure. Mean FACE-Q™scores improved at six months compared with baseline & statistically significant increase was still seen at 12 months

Here is an exclusive video shared by our global renowned faculty Dr Kwon Han-Jin from South Korea, to show case the designing of 3 Way Brow Lift with barbed & collagen threads.



Eyebrow thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure with excellent aesthetic results that can last up to 18 months. Practitioners should note that this is an advanced procedure and adequate training must be taken before going ahead with the treatment.



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