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Malar Bone Enhancement Using Collagen Boosting Threads - Exclusive Video

Traditionally, facelift surgery to correct facial ageing is an elaborate and complicated procedure that takes a long time to recover from. However, with the right techniques and a good understanding of the different thread types and their uses, it is possible to deliver effective results in patients through non-surgical thread lift methods by enhance cheek bone effects using collagen boosting threads.

Sagging in Facial Areas

As we age, our facial support structure may weaken due to the reduction of mimetic muscle function, loss of skin elasticity and/or increase in fat mass causing the affected areas to sag, thus resulting in a sunken or “aged” look. This effect is usually more evident in the cheek areas.

Understanding the Different Types of Threads

Mono Threads - Mono threads are smooth and without barbs. These threads are often used to achieve maximum tightening effects to rejuvenate a targeted area.

Cog Threads - Cog threads are barbed threads that attach to the underside of the skin for the enhancement of support to the structure in a targeted area for lifting effects. They are also known to effectively promote collagen formation around the thread and barbs.

Screw Threads - Screw threads are single or double threads that have been intertwined around the inserting needle. Single threads that intertwine around the inserting needle may sometimes be referred to as Tornado Threads. In general, screw threads help in the reversal of sunken areas while achieving a non-surgical V-shape face effect.

Importance of Using the Right Techniques

While it is true that different thread types are designed for various purposes to deliver different results, there is a common misconception that Mono Threads are inferior to Cog or Screw threads. In most cases, the misconception stems from the performing practitioner’s limited knowledge on the different thread types and/or improper use of techniques, thus, resulting in a "lack of visible effects" being cited when using Mono threads.

This week, our IFAAS faculty demonstrates his exclusive techniques and shares his knowledge on Maximising Collagen Stimulating Effect in Malar Bone Enhancement Using Collagen Boosting Threads:

Hope you have enjoyed the video and article! Stay tuned for our future posts about more techniques and information related to our advanced aesthetic and cosmetic training courses!



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