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<Insights> The Application of Intradermal Botulinum Toxin for Skin Rejuvenation - How & Wh

In this week’s newsletter, we would be updating you on the latest aesthetic procedure known as the intradermal botox (micro botox) shared by Dr Anil R. Shah from Chicago, IL, United States.

Unlike the regular botox treatment that targets the muscle tissue that controls facial expression, micro botox targets the fine muscles in the dermis layer of the skin. This procedure injects skin hydrating agents in the face (usually in the T-zone areas) and neck region of the skin which can fill up the fine lines of wrinkles to restore the healthy and youthful looks of the skin. The procedure takes up to 10-15 minutes and last between 4-6 months.

Indications of Micro Botox Treatment:

1) Tightens and smoothen skin

2) Reduces acne scar appearance

3) Reduction in pore size

4) Reduce oil production

5) Produces natural looking results

Procedure time:

10-15 minutes depending on the number of treated areas

Average cost of treatment:

$500-1500 USD treatment

How Does it Work?

The intradermal botox targets the muscles which control the pore size: (erector pili muscle). When the erector pili muscles are effected, the pore size are reduced, decreasing the surface area of the skin. This tightens the skin on the face creating the lifting effect.

Techniques that should be adopted

The placement of the botulinum toxin is crucial during the procedure as placing it superficially will lead to ineffectiveness, while placement that is too deep leads to facial weakness.

For treatment of the lower face and neck, hundreds of microdroplets of diluted Botox are injected into the dermis or immediate subdermal plane to improve skin texture, smoothen horizontal creases, and decrease vertical banding of the neck, as well as to achieve better apposition of the platysma to the jawline and neck, improving contouring of the cervicomental angle.

The dilution of 5 cc of Bacteriostatic saline per 100 units of Botulinum toxin based on his limited clinical observations is recommended. More diluted concentrations (10cc) were shown to have less length in duration of effects. Supraconcentrated doses, (1 cc dilutions) do not seem to provide any additional potency to the treatment and require more needle sticks due to less diffusion out amongst the tissues.

The use of 30 gauge or 32 gauge is recommended to limit bruising and pain with injection. The needle is placed at a 75 degree angle to the contact area of the skin, facilitating placement of Botulinum in the dermis. When injecting into the skin, the injector may notice some of the solution exiting neighboring pores, an indication that the injector is in an appropriate location. In Fitzpatrick I and II skin types, the skin may blanch when injected into the dermis.

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