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Octo Twist Threads for Non-surgical Lateral Eye Brow Lifting

Ageing causes the lateral third of our brows to age first and most. The natural arch of our brow becomes flatter or even sloped downwards at the sides and the entire brow may sit at a lower position.

Patients who are concerned about having a descended brow, flattened brow, have multiple lines on the forehead or have excess skin over the lids from the brow area but doesn't want to go under knife are the best candidate for non-surgical lateral eye brow lifting procedure.

This week, IFAAS faculty presents the exclusive technique of Lifting Lateral Eye Brow using Octo Twist Threads:

Threads used during the procedure:

Ocoto twist (PDO) threads:

It consists of 8 braided use 5-0 threads and it helps to synthesise collagen effectively and rapidly through cavities between braided threads.

Process of using Octo Twist Threads for Non-surgical Lateral Eye Brow Lifting:

The Lateral brow lift, a technique which focuses on raising the lateral brow and temple region, aims to lift the lateral portion of the brow and restore arch aesthetics. The lateral brow lift mainly targets the outer eyebrows, the outer corners of the eyes as well as the temporal area.

If you are interested to find out more about applying Octo Threads in other aesthetic procedures, click here to read up on the IFAAS newsletter: The application of using Absorbable Octo Twist for the filling of Deep Frown Lines.



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