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Defining Jawline Using Tornado Threads For Tightening and Lifting Effects (Exclusive Video)

One of the most common signs that leads patients to consider an aesthetic procedure is the disruption of jawline - where the loss of elastin and collagen causes the skin to sag below the chin or jawline.

Jowl Line Correction

Traditionally, jowl lines are corrected through surgical neck lift procedures. However, with the introduction of thread lifting techniques in the recent years, it is now possible to correct jowl lines without patients having to undergo any surgical procedures.

Tornado Threads

Tornado threads are formed by a single intertwining thread around the inserting needle, and two intertwining threads around an inserting needle is known as a double-twist. As jowling is often caused by the loss of elastin and collagen, the use of tornado threads can help to stimulate collagen when inserted under the patient’s skin, thus, giving volume and lift to the targeted areas as they gradually dissolve over time.

Jowl Line Defining Using Tornado Threads

Jowl line correction through thread lifting is recognised by many to be challenging, but when combined with a sound knowledge on the different thread types, sizes, designs, and use of right techniques, it is possible for a practitioner to contour and change a patient’s face to the desired shape to some extent.

This week, our IFAAS faculty demonstrates his exclusive techniques, skills and knowledge on Defining Jowl Lines using Tornado Threads For Tightening and Lifting Effects:

Hope you have enjoyed the video and article! Stay tuned for our future posts about more techniques and information related to our advanced aesthetic and cosmetic training courses!



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